Life is what happens when you are making other plans…

I’ve gotten a bit behind in getting this shebang back up and running.

I made a faulty assumption that THIS site would be like all of the other ones I’ve moved — download, upload, restore the database, and viola! Carnation Instant Website.


There is some time-consuming tinkering I have to do here to make this site compatable with the new version of WordPress that comes out next week. I also have to take out virtually EVERY plugin and start over.

All of this while I have to make an “emergency” move to a new place this weekend. The county has “red-tagged” this property and we have until Monday morning at 7 AM to be out of the house.

Not to fear, we have another house a half mile away from here, and we are busy moving stuff right now.

The bad thing is, I will not have my FIOS connection for at least a week (or a connection of any type, unless I get a comcast internet for a few days)

I am slowly but surely putting this together in between work and moving. I have EVERYTHING on the Archive site, and it is my intention to start this one fresh. Your login will work here fine, you won’t have to re-register. Just continue on the way you have been right here.

Well, back to woik.

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