Obama takes two days off to visit ailing grandmother

No other candidate in modern history has ever taken two days off out of the last 14 days of a presidential election to visit an ailing family member. Especially a race that is still statistically close and where the opponent has been running the nastiest campaign in American history.

I have heard callous Conservatives talk in the past how Obama has ‘thrown his white grandmother under the bus’ when he defended his ties to Reverend Wright only to come out a few weeks later to distance himself. Righties have been painting this man as being evil, un-American, terrorist, Muslim, and any other negative or ‘dehumanizing’ term that comes to their narrow minds at the moment.

But his actions belie those descriptions time-after-time and this time is no exception.

Many pundits question the risk Obama is taking by leaving the campaign trail for even one minute, let alone two whole days. Personally, I think that this shows Obama is willing to risk it all just for the opportunity to see his grandmother — the person he says is the most responsible for the man he has become. And I don’t think this “hurts” him in any way.

I am waiting for some bag of ass to say this is a “political ploy” on Obama’s part, that it is somehow a ‘convenient coincidence’ or some similar sentiment.

Like she planned for a fall and a broken hip at her age to somehow bolster her grandchild’s chances at winning the presidency. The sad thing is, I KNOW someone is going to spew forth this kind of bile, and I hope that they drown on it.


So go, Barack. Go see your grandmother and I wish her well. We will all be here when you return, more determined than ever to see you into the White House.