Obama Infomercial

Here is the Obama Infomercial that has the Right wing crying. Hannity attacks it for being “Oprah-like” and “embarrassing”. (Clue to Hannity: ’embarrassing’ is a subjective emotion. If you fell embarrassment, then it is because of something YOU have said or done)

Yes, this video was done very well. It has great production values, and it was “scripted” as Hannity so helpfully points out. (Another clue to Hannity: do you see that teleprompter with those words on it that you read? That is a script. Do you see that instant message dohickey on your computer monitor there? Those are the real time talking points you are getting from Mark Levine because you can’t come up with any of this on your own) This video accomplished what it set out to do: speak directly to the average Joe and Jane independent that hasn’t quite made up their minds yet.

Now the Right wing is complaining because this infomercial was done so well, and because Obama dared to have a lot of campaign donations left over to do something like this. If I understand people like Hannity right, he would have much rather seen this video shot with a Super 8 camera with a tape recording voice-over — if done at all.

Grumpy McCain and Larry King reminded me last night of the two old muppets in the gallery on the Muppet show as McCain started complaining about Obama’s “broken promise” to him about discussing campaign financing. Does he really think that people give a damn, or that if the roles had been reversed McCain wouldn’t have done exactly what Obama did?