DJ’s Gas Plan

We have heard Hillary’s plan and McCain’s almost identical plan of a gas tax holiday to save us a half tank of gas over the course of the summer.

McCain would simply suspend the federal excise tax of 18.4 cents per gallon without any way to make up for the loss for highway projects. Hillary would at least make the oil companies pay the money into the highway transportation fund.

McCain’s plan would most certainly cost thousands of jobs that would have been working throughout the summer months repairing our aging infrastructure. Hillary’s plan would only cause the oil companies to pass their tax cost on to the consumer.

Neither plan will reduce the cost per barrel or the price per gallon at the pump. Both are more likely to increase the demand and actually raise the cost. The best case scenario is to save maybe $30 over the period of the gas tax holiday.

Gimicks that will never be implemented.

If you want to lower the price per barrel, and by extension, the price per gallon of fuel at the pump, you have to reduce the demand.

The first thing that must be done is to end the hedge-fund speculation on the futures price. It is probably the number one factor that is driving up the price per barrel.

The second thing is to stop the stockpiling of oil in the reserves. The reserves are currently 98 percent full and there is no reason to be creating even more demand.

End the occupation of Iraq. The sole reason for us going in there was to control the flow of oil. Yes, that’s right –control the flow. Not pump more oil, but less. We need to let the Iraqis take over their business, using the money that they’ve stockpiled from not having to spend anything. WE need to quit borrowing from China and Saudi Arabia to finance our wars.

If we are facing the national emergency that the Bush administration has been harping about over the past seven years, then we should be doing some sacrificing, instead of borrowing TRILLIONS of dollars from China to make it appear that we are doing better than we really are. Even our “economic stimulis” package where we get our little $800 checks are coming from money borrowed from China, and we are eventually going to have to pay it back — with interest.

If we are going to have a “holiday”, then we should have a holiday from driving. Maybe start rationing fuel for three months. Keep driving down to essentials only. Car pool or use public transportation if available. Start working four ten-hour days each week to cut out one commuting trip.

There is no law that says we have to take trips each summer to guzzle gas. If you do, then fly, or take a bus. Better yet, stay home and enjoy things around your home town.


The thing is, if we go for three short months during the summer when the oil companies are expecting us to guzzle fuel and boost their profits, the demand will go down and they will HAVE to lower prices.

At the same time, we need to start an Apollo or Manhattan program for energy alternatives. Bio-fuels blends might be a good stop-gap, but serious work needs to be done on hydrogen, solar, wind, and other renewables.

That is my hair-brained, off the top of my bald head thoughts. Maybe you have something better?