Scooby Doo, The First Atheist Brainwashing Cartoon Reviewed

Scooby Doo. What a show. ~Atheist

The staff here at OEN can only say “good grief.”-OEN

Scooby Dooby Doo is an atheist propaganda cartoon that reached its zenith during the turbulent, drug-fueled 1960s. The show featured a talking dog, a marijuana addicted hippie and three ‘free love’ college students who frequently engaged in off-screen coitus, without the bounds of marriage.

On the surface, the show purported to be a simple, fun buddy adventure archetype where four friends and their Great Dane dog engaged in riveting investigations. Parents felt comfortable letting their children watch a repurposed Sherlock Holmes, with teenaged college students being the protagonists.

But parents of the 1960s and even today could not understand the true agenda of this show: anti-theist brainwashing.


In each and every episode, the ‘villains’ of Scooby Doo turned out to be people of faith. They dress in costumes that suggest an afterlife or belief in a higher power, to only be defrocked and defrauded by the heroes of the shows, representations of very anti-theist values.


To get a full understanding of just how damaging and sneaky the show is with its agenda, a breakdown of the core characters and mores each episode espouse.


1. Scooby Dooby Doo

The name of the show’s titular character should send off alarm bells. A “Dooby Doo” is slang for marijuana.

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