Our End of the Net is UPGRADING


Yes, we are upgrading to a faster server.  We have decided that a shared web hosting plan is too limited for the traffic that we have here, so we are going to move this site to DreamHost’s new VPS service specifically set up for WordPress websites, DreamPress.

We tried the VPS route before with DreamHost, but because it was scaleable, it tended to cost us boodles of cash because the pricing was variable depending on what our traffic and resources were.  With DreamPress, everything is optimized especially for WordPress websites, and is completely manageable by DreamHost for one flat fee of $24.95 a month.

What?  Only $24.95 a month?  That is insane!

Nope, what is really “insane” is the fact that right now DreamPress is celebrating their “Sweet 16 birthday” and if we do this before September 22nd, we are locked in at a whopping $16.00 a month for as long as we stay here!

Sixteen friggin’ bucks!  For a full-fledged Virtual Private Server that adjusts itself for as much RAM as it takes to serve us to you!  SIXTEEN DOLLARS!

How could we turn THAT down?

Well, it will take about 24 hours to propagate.  DJ is going to have to come in behind and do some final cleanup.  But the site is going to be MUCH more responsive than it was, and we can go from here.

Exciting stuff!  Hold on, the ride is just starting!