America’s Christian Army

This is about the disturbing story of SPC Jeremy Hall, an atheist soldier serving in Iraq who is now suing the Pentagon due to the anti-atheist discrimination he faced there. He was actually threatened with “fragging” (a “friendly fire” murder) after word of his suit became public.

Does this attitude lie behind the killing of Pat Tilman in Afghanistan?

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Wonder about the creeping Christian theocracy? Check out the Christian Embassy website.

We believe that the workplace offers endless opportunities for people to explore and apply what they believe to what they do for a living. We provide safe places and practical resources to help national and international leaders working in D.C., their spouses and staffs integrate their faith and their work.

Hello? The workplace is just that: The frickin’ workplace. As a taxpayer who pays people to work in that place, I feel that it is NOT a place for promoting a religion OR the lack thereof.