Sending Lieberman on his way

One of the things I have been looking forward to in the aftermath of this election is the jettisoning of Joe-the-Traitor-Lieberman from the Democratic caucus.

We had to put up with this pompus ass for the past two years as he held our slim majority in the Senate hostage, thereby making him the most powerful man in the Senate.

While we were forced to suck up to Joe, he was busy sucking up to John McCain, not only turning his back on the Democratic candidate for President, but actually attacking the entire Democratic Party for their choice for President.

Well, we no longer need Lieberman to give us a majority in the Senate. But we now find ourselves in the curious position of possibly needing him to complete a filibuster-proof majority — but only if Begich wins in Alaska (which he probably will), Frankin wins in Minnisota (a slim, but quite possible chance) and Jim Martin beats Saxby Chambliss in Georgia (probably not in the cards).

It is the Martin/Chambliss election on December 2nd that will sink the Dems dreams for a 60-vote majority. I don’t see it happening. Therefore, what is the point in the continuing suck-up of Joe Lieberman?

I have heard the possible senarios if we were to kick the Chairs out from under Lieberman, and frankly, I don’t really see the down side.

First, Joe will become mad and might just quit. Good riddance. The Republican governor would probably appoint a Republican who will vote against us all the time, but at least we will know where he stands.

Second, Joe might stay, but vote against us on areas that he really doesn’t give a shit. I don’t see where any of that is different than now. Democrats will run a candidate against him and this time they will win — Joe loses his seat.

Third, Joe might become a Republican. That would last only until the next election when the Republican Party runs a Republican candidate against him and he loses his seat.

But this idea that we “forgive” Joe his transgressions is just plain stupid. If we are at 57 – 59 percent with Joe, then there is no reason to keep him on board and bribe him with a powerful chairmanship. I am not even convinced that if he were the 60th vote, he could be kept on the reservation, because his past history has shown he has used his cat-bird seat to blackmail his way around.

I am all for the idea of trying to find areas of cooperation with political opponents. But I do draw the line on out-and-out treachery of the type that Lieberman committed. There are some unforgivable political transgressions and Joe committed a biggie.

Joe was an “Independent” by necessity — it was an end-run around being voted out in the Democratic Primary. The fact that he caucused with the Democrats still made the assumption that he was a Democrat. So when he backed Republican John McCain AND addressed the RNC Convention as a key speaker, in effect he was a traitor to the party he caucused with.

I can easily forgive a Republican for being against the Democratic nominee, but I can’t forgive a Democrat for actively supporting the Republican — even to the point of becoming one of the key speakers at the other Party’s convention.

Democrats need to find their spine right now and install it. It is time to BE the majority Party because there is a substantial margin already.

If the threat of filibuster is there, then find that spine and force the filibuster. Rip the seats out of the chamber and install cots if you have to, but make them shit or get off the pot.

If the filibuster is going to be a problem, nuke it, or change the rules so that there is a sunset on it. The majority makes the rules, and since the Dems have that majority, they should use their new-found spine to exercise the rules making.