The Tale of Two Presidents

The Right-wing has been complaining about Obama acting like the Acting President. FAUX News points out that while Obama stands behind a podium with a sign, “The Office of the President Elect”, he has absolutely no authority as a president.

In case the Right hasn’t noticed, the current president has been phoning it it since the election.

If it weren’t for Obama talking about it, there wouldn’t be ANY president talking. Not that it would matter much, Bush can’t open his yap without causing a crash on the markets. Nobody wants to hear anything he has to say.

Obama, on the other hand, is going to be taking actual control in fifty-something days, and he realizes that in order to make things easier the day he is sworn in, he needs to be communicating his actions and intents now. He is putting together a powerhouse of a team and he wants us to know it. More importantly, he wants the banks and the market to know it also.

Although the new sheriff in town doesn’t have a badge yet, he is doing much more to try and stabalize things right now than anyone in the Bush administration.

I realized the other day when Bush talked about assisting in making an easy transition, there was something in his phrase that bothered me. I just couldn’t put my finger on it until yesterday. Bush said that he would inform Obama of any actions that needed to be taken on the economic front.

Inform, not consult, or ask for input. Inform.

Bush is still bent on his bull-headed ways even though he has 55 days left in charge. It is obvious to everyone that Bush is not to be trusted with anything more complicated than his bicycle, yet he is going to deliberately do everything he can to NOT work with Obama.

So yeah, while there cannot be two presidents at once, the only one that matters at this point is the one making all the decisions — to be implemented the day he is sworn in. The other one might as well go back on vacation 55 days early. If we need him, we will call him.

But I wouldn’t bother waiting around the telephone.