Week’s Observations

After moving this site to a new location, I am now in the process of physically moving myself to a new location, just a mile down the road.

I will be without Internet until Wednesday at my house, but I will still be able to get online at work.

So before I disconnect things here, I have some observations about a couple of developments over the past week:

Ralph Nader version 08

Version 00 and version 04 were disasters — for the country. I could give a rat’s ass as to Nader’s loss in those two election cycles, you can indirectly pin the blame on him for two terms of George Bush.

I am still not convinced that the Republican Party put Nader up to running in those two elections to siphon off votes from the Democrats, but the result was the same.

Now he wants to run again, totally ignoring the tidal wave of Democratic voters who are focused on Obama and Clinton. Somehow he thinks that HE is the one they are going to want in the White House.

Look, if I wanted a narcistic grumpy old man for president, I would vote for McCain. At least he has a party aparatus behind him. Nader has only himself, with no backup in Congress at all. He could sit in the White House and demand all he wants, but without a party represented in Congress, he is going nowhere.

Besides, where was this guy from 2001-2004 and 2005-now? Does he only show his face when there is an election to be had? And why is it only the Democratic candidates that he has a problem with? When he threw his hat in the ring this time, he didn’t say a damn thing about the Republican candidates. He said he is entering the race only because the Democrats aren’t coming through.

Nader needs to sit his ass back down and leave the election to the people who can actually get something done. Your only motivation in running is to be a spoiler, because you know that it is virtually impossible for you to actually win.

Clinton threatens suit in Texas?

If it comes down to either Clinton or Obama filing suit over how the delegates are picked in Texas or Ohio, the Democratic Party is through.

Give it a break, woman. You already knew the rules going in. It might be the Tom Delay rules, but they are what they are. If you lose — you fucking lose. Pick yourself up and move on. You’ve lost the majority of states already with the “acceptable” rules, then don’t be surprised if you lose under these rules also.

Personally? While I think you would make a fine President, Obama would make a better one. If you wanted it so bad, you should have gone for it four years ago. It just isn’t your time now, and I suspect that your time has already passed. Live with it.

I think that you should go back to the Senate and run for Harry Reid’s job. THAT is where you can be more effective anyways.

The way you have been running your campaign during the primaries is wearing us out.

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