Read the following article posted at the CNN site:

New polls show Sen. Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead going into the Kentucky primary, while Sen. Barack Obama holds a comfortable one in Oregon.

Those two states, which hold contests Tuesday, are expected to do little more than illustrate the divide between Democratic voters in selecting a presidential candidate.

Clinton leads the latest CNN “poll of polls” — an average of multiple polls — in Kentucky, 58 percent to 28 percent. Kentucky is dominated by working-class voters, which has been a source of support for Clinton throughout the prolonged primary season.

Obama’s base of support — young and higher-educated voters — are better represented in Oregon, and a poll of polls there reflects that demographic: The senator from Illinois holds a 50 percent to 40 percent advantage over Clinton.

While Clinton’s support is from “working-class voters”, are we to assume that Obama’s base of support, those young and higher-educated voters, are not working or don’t have jobs?

“Working-class voters” my ass. Most of us in this country are “working-class”. Why not just come out and say, “white working-poor who wouldn’t vote for a black man if he ran unopposed”?

As I have been saying here all along, I am not voting for Obama because he is black, or voting against Hillary because she is a woman. I am supporting Obama at this point because I feel that out of the two that are running, he is the best choice.

It isn’t that their positions are all that much different — they aren’t.

I am looking for a leader that can lead. I want a leader that people will listen to, not recoil everytime he or she opens her mouth. I want someone with fresh ideas and a fresh approach with dealing with enemies both foreign and abroad. I want a leader that people can respect, and doesn’t make your eyes roll whenever the name association brings you back to Monica and white-stained blue dresses, cigars and Yassir Arafat.

I want someone whose negative numbers aren’t almost as high or higher than their positive numbers.

In my perfect world, John Edwards would be the frontrunner right now, but Barack Obama is my close second choice.

I probably could have gone for Hillary in the primary — if she just hadn’t opened her mouth. I hear desparation and frustration from her. She is frustrated because — dammit — this was supposed to be hers. She had it all set up ahead of time. She tripped up Kerry’s 2004 run using her people in the DLC and DNC to make surethe slot would be available for 2008, she had her political apparatus all set up for the shoe-in by Super Tuesday. She spent a bundle in Iowa and New Hampshire to make sure both of those were hers for the momentum shot into the nomination.

And it misfired.

Out of nowhere, that damn uppity Obama swooped in and snatched her victory and made it his.

So from behind, Hillary has been doing sniping and character assassinations — and all it is doing is driving people away from her.