Time to freeze them out

Okay, Obama went the extra mile to include the truculent House Republicans in the adult stuff — and they proved once again why they are now the minority party by voting against the stimulus bill.

Even after Democrats made a series of concessions to the Republicans by taking out some key provisions and including some tax cuts that the Republicans wanted, they chose to vote against it.

Even though they knew Obama was coming over to talk to them, their leadership instructed the rank and file to vote against the bill before they gave him the courtesy of hearing him out.

Fuck them.

There is a reason why 53 percent of the voters chose Obama over their candidate — the majority of people in this country don’t want what the Republicans are peddling. In fact, polls are saying that 71 percent of the American public are all for this stimulus bill — as originally written.

I say, go back to the original bill — before the concessions, and vote the whole thing in. Leave the Republicans to just sit there and whine. We have the votes — we simply don’t need them.

It isn’t like they wouldn’t just shut the Democrats out if they were in power — they did that already.

Democrats need to take a page from the Republican playbook and be tough with them. Do not back down, and don’t take any shit from them. If they open their mouths, jam their words down their throats. Point out their deceits and lies.

If they want to start participating in the process as honest brokers, then fine. But if they want to be part of the problem instead of the solution — just freeze them out.

Same with the Senate. I don’t want to hear filibuster again. Get rid of it. There is too much at stake right now for these fuckweasles to be playing politics.

The thing is, the Republicans have been doing some math here. They know that if they vote for the stimulus bill and it works, then they are literally through as a party — because everything they’ve been peddling all along will have been proven to be wrong.

If they vote against it and things continue to go bad, then they can claim the high ground. If they vote for it, and it doesn’t work, then they lose also.

But voting against it and seeing it work, they can still move the goal post by saying that it COULD have been better IF ONLY they had been listened to.

Any way you look at it, Democrats need go grow a large pair and ACT like they won a major victory in November 2008.