Suggestions, and decisions. Now is the time to speak up.

I am sure that a lot of you’ve noticed that over the past few months, I have not been around here much. I come by once in a while, drop a comment or two, maybe even a post, and then I am gone for the next week or so.


Mostly because of my health — I am undergoing a treatment that saps most of my energy, so that by the time I get home from work, all I want to do is veg in front of the TV. I no longer have the fire to argue politics — not even over at Misha’s site, where they can give a person an argument.

But this site has never been about ME. I am just the guy supplying the bandwidth and a functional platform for others to provide the content. Content and promotion thereof should be up to the contributors and their readers.

Last year, Liberaltopia was getting an average of 55 hits per day. But that has been dropping over the past few months, and now the average for January is a whopping 28 hits. That is pretty dismal for a group of people who won the last election.

For a comparison, my personal site — a non-political music and humorous video site — is getting an average of 16,423 hits per day — and all I do is pick one song per day to post and one funny or interesting video. It never brings in many comments, but I do see the traffic and the referrals.

The domain renewals for,, and are coming up soon, and I am trying to justify the expense. I already supply a server that I am using for a couple of other sites — two of which are actually paying me to host their sites. Subsidizing, actually, but at least they are offsetting the cost.

I took over the operation of Liberaltopia about three years ago because Grouchy was having some issues and couldn’t do it himself any longer. Back then, the traffic was still pretty strong, with about 300 hits per day average.

Right now we have a couple of VERY good writers, but nobody is bothering to come read them. I don’t know why, except that unless the site gets promoted more than it has been in the past year, nobody is going to know it is here — or care.

So I have to decide what it is I am going to do about this place. Like I said, I don’t really have that kind of energy to do much at the moment, and I won’t until August, when my treatment is over. (The treatment is working great, by the way, it is just tolling on my energy levels)

So I need some suggestions. Some help. Something more than what we have now. I mean, I could continue to provide server space because it is already here. It would be nice if someone could take this whole site up off of my hands and devote a lot of energy towards it themselves. It would be even BETTER if Grouchy were to suddenly show back up and take it all over again.

So I open the floor to your suggestions. Not having any suggestions would tell me something also…