Stop the Press Barack Misspoke!


This is going to be all over the radio, television, papers, and Right-Wing blogs for the next two weeks!

Obama told an audience yesterday:

“I had an uncle who was … part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camps.”

The Republican National Committee quickly fired off a news release that said:

Unless his uncle was serving in the Red Army, theres no way Obamas statement yesterday can be true. Obamas frequent exaggerations and outright distortions raise questions about his judgment and his readiness to lead as commander in chief.

Yes, it was the Soviet Red Army that liberated Auschwitz. But Obama exaggerating?

Obviously, Obama was mistaken. He Misspoke. He didn’t dodge any bullets in Bosnia, and apparently the death camp that Obama’s great-Uncle, Charlie Payne helped liberate was another notorious death camp, Buchenwald.

But I expect all of the pundits to be all over it for at least the next couple of days, I am sure to find a lot of themwillgloss over the fact that Charlie Payne DID in fact help liberate A death camp (just not Aushchwitz) and start saying that Obama is trying to pander to the Jewish voter by digging deeeeep into his family (obviously on the white side, ja know)

But hey, candidates misspeak. If Hillary can do it, Obama can.