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Lemme tell you: I hate dealing with tech support — of any kind. I would rather go to the dentist to yank all of my teeth, then go get a colonoscopy right after that, than have to do the “Tech Support Dance”.

It doesn’t matter whose tech support it is, nor does it really matter whether they are located in California or India. (okay, that part matters, but not by much)

This site is hosted by DreamHost on a Private Server account. Except for a very rare occasion, this server is rock-solid and pretty darn peppy. I am the only one ON this server, which means that every last drop of resources are all mine — I don’t have to share with anyone (except for my wonderful personal site, Equal Time Radio and Frank-the-Liberal’s personal blog, aptly and ironically named, Frank’s Blog. (see how I was able to plug a few blogs?)

Anyways, early Wednesday morning, all hell must have broken loose at the DreamHost Data Center in Brea, California. Everything went catawumpus, and all of the sites I have on this server went away.

The DreamHost status page had several things going at the same time, and the Tech Support people were no longer responding to the submitted support tickets.

The first day I waited mostly patiently, but by Wednesday night I was starting to get a little perturbed. Nothing seemed to be happening. Nobody was getting a resolution.

Along came Thursday morning and I get one automated email telling me that 24 hours had passed and that it was looking like it would be taking even longer before a human would even be reading my support request. By Thursday evening, three more problems appeared on the status page and it looked like the entire gaggle of tech support creatures were off onto THAT tangent, leaving my problem all alone.

Thursday evening, after I got home from my slaving job to get my pay, I was on the phone listening to my boss drone on some more about work and tinkering around in the Control panel and accidently re-entered my database password and saved it again.

Viola! Everything started working again.

Somehow, as far as I can surmise on my own, the password used to access the database got corrupted in the control panel. By simply re-entering the same one again and saving the “change”, it got rid of the corrupted one and everything started to work again.

But no thanks to the tech support at DreamHost.

So I’m betting someone here is going to ask why I still choose to stay at DreamHost if their tech support is so bad.

The answer is simple, but first some background:

This site has been on about thirty different web hosts over the years. The floozy has gotten around to ALL of the major web hosts. Most of them have really bad, terribly slow servers that seem to be down more often than not. But most of those hosts have really great tech support. Happy-assed tech support blowing sunshine up tailpipes. They will “fix” the problem and get you on your way, only to have it happen again in a week. Or they tell you that they can’t find what the problem is.

But you can sure get ahold of them at any time you want.

So here is the answer.

DreamHost’s Private Server accounts are seldom down. Sometimes, like all computers, they might have a glitch, but a reboot will almost always reset things and fix whatever the problem was in less than a minute. This is something that I can do myself.

So I would rather have a web host with lousy tech support but a server that seldom goes down requiring their services, than be on a host that has “happy-assed” tech support and servers that are always down.

So anyways, this site is back up and running for the next eight months, before something goes awry again.

I just hope I remembered what I had to do to fix it. Filing a tech support ticket at DreamHost is just something you do while you try to figure out how to fix the problem yourself.

And apparently I am accidently “good” at it. 😆