The Moron Alert System

The Right wing blogosphere must have an irony deficiency. It took them a couple of days, but they are now out in full-outrage mode over something Stephanie Miller said — as a point — on the Larry King Show Tuesday, March 3rd.

On that show, Stephanie Miller, Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington, conservative talk radio host Lars Larson, and GOP strategist Nancy Pfotenhauer were discussing all of the attention Rush Limbaugh was getting for saying that he hoped Obama fails in trying to fix the economic mess this country faces.

King asked Pfotenhauer if it would be bad if more social programs put people to work and gave them health care, and Pfotenhauer said she agreed with Rush — that it would be bad for America and that he — and she — hopes it will fail.

When Larry asked Stephanie if failing at this would be a bad thing, Stephanie said this sounded treasonous. After all, in the gin up to the war in 2002-2003, if anyone dared to speak out against the administration over the upcoming war in Iraq, then not only were those people accused of treason by the Right wing, but there were calls for their execution. Stephanie was pointing out this little irony.

King then asked Pfotenhauer whether all of this focus on Rush takes away from the real issues by focusing on the personalities, and Pfotenhauer said this was all just a distraction.

Stephanie then pointed out that Democrats are loving what is essentially the Republican circular firing squad, and that the only one loving this more is Rush Limbaugh for all of the attention he is getting. Because in the radio business, if they are talking about you, then you are doing something right. She then said that maybe SHE should say something outrageous to get that kind of attention. Here is what she said:

LARRY KING: Nancy, what do you make of hoping for failure. Supposing it worked, and there were maybe some socialistic inclines, but more people went to work and more people had health care? Why would that be bad?

NANCY PFOTENHAUER: Well, I think the point is that Rush — and I agree with him wholeheartedly on this — believes these policies are antithetical to the American dream, and absolutely the wrong direction for the economy. I would be delighted to challenge the other two panelists on this one. What he has put together in the so-called stimulus package is an embarrassment. You had Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid writing the bill. You’ve put in 46 billion for 15 programs that OMB already declared ineffective. You have 300 million dollars going for golf carts, for heavens sake. Then turns around and, in a downturn economy, and advocates a tax increase. At the same time, he is making protectionist noises. This is a nasty economic cocktail, and it is going to hurt the American people. And I think that’s what Rush Limbaugh has been trying to underscore. And he is exactly right.

LARRY KING: If he fails, Stephanie, that will be good?

STEPHANIE MILLER: I guess that is what Nancy and her friends want. As long as you have a place to listen Rush on the radio — if he fails we all fail.

LARRY KING: If his policies fail, he fails, right?

STEPHANIE MILLER: Exactly. To me that seems treasonous.

KING: Nancy, the problem with all this is does it bring discord? Does it take away from real issues when we get into basically personality stories?

NANCY PFOTENHAUER: You know, I think it is a distraction. And I think that’s why the Democrats love it and they want to keep it going. I think the Republicans will turn the page, move on, and start really spending their time doing what they should be doing, which is articulating solutions to the problems that we’re facing. And, frankly — and pointing out how what Obama is advocating, the Obama administration is advocating, these aren’t new ideas. They have been tried and they have been tried several times and failed. You can point to places like Germany and France that have done almost exactly what the Obama administration is advocating. What you see there is a third lower quality of life. You see lower economic growth. You see higher taxes and you see higher unemployment. So, it’s not a recipe for success. It is a recipe for mediocrity at best. That’s why Republicans have to step forward and articulate their solutions.

STEPHANIE MILLER: You are right, we should stick to the same policies that got us where we are now. I agree with you.

NANCY PFOTENHAUER: I think there need to be real changes.

LARRY KING: You criticized the Bush policy?

NANCY PFOTENHAUER: I did on the record at the time.

STEPHANIE MILLER: Nancy, you are right about one thing. We love this episode of Republican. It’s delightful and it’s not solving any of the serious problems that the country is facing. You know who is it good for? Rush Limbaugh. He loves this attention.

If I could say something tonight that gets me that kind of attention, like maybe Rush Limbaugh should be executed for treason. How about that?


Newsbusters was the first to finally notice Stephanie Miller made a remark that appeared to be calling for the execution of Limbaugh for “treason”. Of course if they had listened to her radio show the following morning, they might have heard her talking about how she had deliberately thrown in that comment in hopes that someone would pick it up and run with it. She was a little disappointed when nobody did — until Newsbusters came out with the “news”.

Then WND picked it up, and now it is bouncing around the Right-wing echo chamber picking up more and more outrage with every bounce.

I remember as a young child in school, playing a classroom game called “telephone”. The teacher would line the class up single-file, and whisper something in the ear of the first kid, who in turn would whisper it in the ear of the person behind and so on. By the time the last kid got the story, it was completely different than what the teacher had started with.

I posted the what Stephanie actually said above. I noticed that WND kind of tinkered with it a bit:

“To me that seems treasonous,” Miller said. “If I could say something tonight that gets me that kind of attention, like maybe Rush Limbaugh should be executed for treason. How about that?”

Notice how they managed to stick two separate parts of the conversation together to make it appear as though she was actually advocating the execution of Limbaugh? They deliberately cut out the parts in between where her POINT was that Limbaugh is thriving on the attention he is receiving by making outrageous comments, and she gave an example of an equally outrageous example that would gain HER some attention as well.

Obviously, she was correct — as usual.

But it won’t matter, this “news” broke yesterday, and by tomorrow it will be all over the Right-wing echo chamber.

And that is what makes it so funny.