Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama?

The only thing the Super Tuesday Part II settled was that Hillary Clinton has found a way to put herself on the ticket.

At this point, neither candidate can possibly garner enough delegates to lock them into a presumptive nomination for the Democratic ticket. Obama holds a slight lead, and even if Hillary wins 75 percent of the remaining primaries, she will never be able to overtake Obama.

But what she has done is put herself in the position of either splitting up the party or joining a “unity ticket’ with Obama. The question is , who would wind up wearing the pants in this relationship?

Party elders are expected to sit both candidates down and force them to accept a unity ticket ‘for the sake of the party’. Failure to accomplish that will only cause a huge rift in the party and almost guarantee a McCain Presidency in November.

The question is, who would be willing to take second bannana?

Lyndon Johnson gave uphis Senate Majority position in order to become second to JFK — even though Johnson was running for what he considered his one and only chance. The fact of the matter, the two couldn’t stand each other — but they didn’t want to rip the party apart with there personal divisions.

Most people feel that whoever has the most declared delegates at the end of the primary should be the one at the top of the ticket. But would Hillary agree to come on in what is usually considered a “ceremonial” possition?

Which combination do you think has a better chance of beating John McCain?