I have peace, grant me understanding.

IMG_20160708_1544009_rewindI have lived all of my life, where I don’t need to lock my doors. Most of that time in homes where we couldn’t lock the door if we wanted to. Heck, if the weather is warm enough, the back door is likely to be standing wide open. I don’t take the keys out of my car unless I go to town. My biggest complaint about my car is the gol-darn automatic locks.

I’m sitting on my back porch surrounded by the peace and quiet of bird song and the breeze rustling the tree leaves. Sometimes I can hear a car passing on the through road above me, or a truck out on the highway.

Though I have neighbors with addiction woes, they are not a threat to me. They are people I can count on to be a help if I need it.

This isn’t a luxurious gated community. It is so much better. I live in a small rural community. People here are well educated, or not so much. There is wealth, and abject poverty. Some folks have great jobs, some patch together a living on odds and ends.

We all can walk out our doors and savor this beautiful place.

How can I even fathom the chaos that threatens so much of this country? I am a middle-aged white woman. I can walk anywhere within a 50 mile radius without fear of being accosted, as long as I stay out of the middle of the road.

I have peace. I have compassion. Give me understanding, and a path to be a help in this time of crisis.