Spitzer Should Go

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (now known as Client Number Nine) is the latest politician to get his zipper stuck in a sex scandal.

Aparently, Spitzer paid $5,500 to visit a “lady” in a NY hotel, and became Client #9 on a wiretap.

Was this one of the FISA wiretaps? Just askin’.

Spitzer appeared beside his wife today at a news conference to let us know that hehad “disappointed and failed to live up to the standard I expected of myself.” He added that “I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family.”

He did not tell us he was not gay and that he loved his wife.

Note to publicists everywhere: Is it really necessary to trott out the wives of these cads each and every time their penis gets them in trouble? I am not sure which is more humiliating — finding out your spouse is dipping in a different well, or having to give the appearance that you are “standing by your man” at a press conference as he tells the world about it?

Spitzer also didn’t tell us if he planned to resign over this scandal, but Wonkette found something very interesting after Googling “ny state”:

Does Google know something we don’t?

What is MY personal feeling about this?

The man should resign. NOW. He has just admitted to violating the law and the trust of his family. He should spend the time trying to regain that trust with his family and dealing with the legal issues involved — as a citizen. I think my feelings on this matter is consistent with calling for the resignations of Larry “I’m not Gay” Craig and David Vitter, who both ran on family values tickets and championed the anti-gay, defense of marriage laws. Hypocrisy knows no political boundaries.

It’s not that I care whether any of these people are frequenting prostitutes, cruising gay bars or bathrooms, or keeping a mistress or two on the side. It is the hypocrisy involved.

If you are running on an anti-gay platform, try to make sure you aren’t gay first. If you are running on the family values theme, try having some of those values yourself.

ABC is reporting that four years ago, Spitzer prosecuted another prostitution ring while serving as the State’s Attorney General. To me, that would put him squarely in the “hypocrite column” with both Vitter and Craig, and he really needs to show those two the right thing to do: resign NOW.

For the record, I don’t think that prostitution should be illegal. We’ve come a long ways from stoning prostitutes to death, granted, but we are still trying to legislate morality.

But since it is still illegal, that means Spitzer violated the law. Several laws. Being an attorney he should have known better.

Spitzer is also one of those “Super Delegates” who has already given his support to Hillary. His wife, the pissed off looking woman shown above, works on Hillary’s election campaign. Doh!

So resign already, Eliot. There is no sense in having you hang on to the seat and dragging the rest of us through your mud.