Watch out for the Puss…

…from the exploding Conservative heads.

Arlen”Magic Bullet” Spector has decided to cross the aisle and become a DINO. Formerly a RINO, Spector was facing a tough challenge in the 2010 GOP Senate primary by former Rep. Pat Toomey, who nearly defeated Specter in the Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary in 2004.As with Joe Liebermann, Spector is only concerned with himself, and retaining his powerful position, NOT with his actual political beliefs. He is a floating island on the wave of public opinion.

The only good thing about this is that he gives the Senate one more possible vote against a Republican filibuster. Other than that, I don’t expect too much out of him except to water down a lot of legislation.

I have to agree with Republican Chair Michael Steele:

“Let’s be honest –Sen. Specter didn’t leave the GOP based on principles of any kind. He left to further his personal political interests because he knew that he was going to lose a Republican primary due to his left-wing voting record.”

Okay, I almost agree. It isn’t that Spector had a “left-wing” voting record, it is just that the Party of No is trying to move further to the Right and it left Spector and a few others without a home.

The voters haven’t really changed all that much — the Parties have. Both Parties have moved to the Right. Today’s Democrats are yesterday’s Republicans, and today’s Republicans are tomorrow’s Taliban.

If Arlen Specter thinks that simply changing labels he can just continue on mouthing one thing and voting another, he is going to find a real Democrat coming to challenge him in the Democratic Primary. The drubbing he receives in THAT primary will make any defeat he suffers in a GOP primary look like a handshake.

The top two things that are on people’s minds are single-payer health care and the Employee Free Choice Act — both of which he has first mouth support for, only to change his mind later.

Simply changing your identity isn’t going to make the growing numbers of Democrats in Pennsylvania support him if he isn’t going to support those two positions. He might as well have stayed a Republican — at least he won’t get beat up so bad in the primary.

So I don’t feel so joyous at seeing Arlen Spector cross the aisle to the Democratic side. It means very little if he isn’t going to change his positions.

We already have to contend with a group of “Blue Dog Democrats” each with an infestation of red fleas, now we have to suck up to another Joe Liebermann?