Do we need another reason?

While Hillary and Obama beat each other up, McCain comes out smelling like a rose — which is hard for old farts like McCain.

Without any effort on his part, John McCain gets to coast along enjoying a quiet and growing lead in the polls.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, using scorched earth tactics (under the guise of “battle testing Barack”) is not only making it difficult for Obama to win if he becomes the nominee, but also guarantees her own loss against McCain in November because the majority of people who have turned out this primary season will be too disgusted with her to go vote.

You would have to be awful naive to not think that the release of Obama’s Pastor’s video clips last week wasn’t done by the Hillary camp. These are desparate people, who didn’t count on Obama becoming as popular as he did. They had to take him down any way they could, and since he wasn’t going away, they launched the nuclear strike against him

So we have a new poll out, showing that Hillary has regained her lead over Obama, but McCain now leads over the two of them — at absolutely no cost to him, and a very expensive cost to the two democrats.

Right now, I can see absolutely no way I could vote for Hillary. I can’t vote for McCain either. (both are the same politically anyways, so what the hell?)

The ONLY thing I could hope for is if Obama doesn’t get the nomination, someone ELSE sneaks in and takes it….

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