We Wouldn’t Want That…

Do you remember back in 2005 and 2006 when the Republicans were go gung-ho about trying to force judicial ideologues onto the Supreme bench? There were also the numerous far-Right wingnuts that were nominated and in most cased confirmed to the lower courts — all greatly protested by Democrats/Liberals/Progressives far and wide.

Weren’t we told to shut up by Rush Limbaugh?


From the transcript:

“I’m tired of these Democrats acting like they won the election. Somebody needs to stand up and say, ‘When you win the election, you pick the nominees. Until then, shut up! Just shut up! Just go away! Bury yourselves in your rat holes and don’t come out until you win an election. When you win an election, you can put all these socialist wackos, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, all over the court, but until then, SHUT UP!

You are really irritating me.'”

That was then, this is now.

Now it is four years later. Democrats have won the elections by far greater numbers than the Republicans did in 2004. Only one in four people openly identify themselves as Republicans, and most people think that the country is heading in the right direction right now under the Democratic leadership.

So what do the minority party Senators want to warn us about?

We have Utah Senator Orrin Hatch appearing on ABC’s “This Week” to tell us that Obama is using “code words” to appoint a “judicial activist” to the Supreme Court.

Uh, Orrin? What the hell do you think Samuel Alito and John Roberts are?

“We all know he’s going to pick a more liberal justice. Their side will make sure it is a pro-abortion justice. I don’t think anybody has any illusions about that,” Hatch said Sunday. “But the question is are they qualified.”

So let me get this right — if a nominee is Conservative, they are deemed “qualified”, if they are Liberal, then they aren’t?

Secondly, I have NEVER met anyone who is “pro-abortion”. Nor have I met anyone who is pro-heart transplant, pro-chemo therapy, or pro-appendectomy. We just like to have the option available if the need were to ever arise.

With almost sixty votes in the Senate, a very popular president, and a Republican Party with even higher negative numbers, who cares what clownshoes like Orrin Hatch and others want?

Just shut up.