Right-Wing Hypocricy (Redundant, I know)

(Redundant, I know)

The Usual Right-wing pundits are still up in arms about Wanda Sykes comedy routine at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner this past Saturday. Even the White House has tried to distance itself from Wanda’s references to Fatso and 9/11 — which I think is a shame.

But what do we hear about this clown who was subbing for Rush Limbaugh?


His name is Mark Davis, and he is a talk show host based out of Dallas, Texas and he is quoting David Feherty the CBS Sports golf analyst, who has visited the troops in Iraq several times.

Wanda Sykes made a joke about hoping that Limbaugh’s kidneys fail which isn’t actually life-threatening — ask Osama bin Laudin, the person she was comparing Limbaugh to.

David Feherty actually endorsed the outright murder of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid — the former being more of a rage killing, since he emphasised the used of two bullets.

Sykes was an obvious attempt at humor — she got a laugh line out of it, but it was universally perceived as an attempt at humor whether people laughed at it or not.

David Feherty (with Mark Davis repeating it) was NOT an attempt at humor — this was typical fare for the Right-wing to want to “destroy” their “enemies”. Look at the previous eight years, where the word “Liberal” was effectively dehumanized, and anyone who spoke out against the militaristic drum beat of the Right-wing were considered “traitors”, “un-American”, and should be “imprisoned”, “hung”, “shot”, or just plain wiped out.

It is about time Liberals started fighting back. The Right suddenly find themselves the target of ridicule and attack — and they don’t like it. It is “unfair”.