Ignorance to the point of hatred

On Tuesday, September 8th, President Obama is scheduled to address students via satellite about the importance of education to prepare them for the challenges of the future.

But some ignorant parents — spurred on by the likes of the Limbaughs, Hannitys, and Becks of the Right-wing noise machine — don’t want their children being “indoctrinated” by this black, Socialist/Communist/Marxist/Muslim/Racist person masquerading as a US president (who, absent actual proof or evidence, might not even be a citizen).

This scheduled speech has sparked a controversy across wide swatches of Conservative land in this country. Parents have called schools to let them know that they will keep their kids home rather than “expose” them to the words of the president.

Some schools have caved in to the complaints of the parents.

Its one of those things, you probably cant please everybody, said Roland Hernandez, superintendent of Waco Independent School District.

Waco ISD classes wont be tuning in, Hernandez said, because watching the speech live Tuesday would interrupt the day and lessons that have already been planned.

I think there are just too many things going on during the week as it is, he said.

Also, some parents called the district threatening to keep their children home Tuesday if the speech was shown.

Kids need to be in school, he said. We dont want them staying home for something thats going to last the entire day.

So help me out on this: Texas, with probably one of the worst academic records of the country — and for that matter, the world — has suddenly found that it has too many things going on that it can’t hear a message designed to get kids involved in learning?


These parents are acting as if they are protecting their children against the H1N1 swine flu. Instead, the infection they are afraid of is Barack Hussein Obama and his influence he might have on their children.

The man is the President of the United States! A man that an overwhelming majority of people in this once democratic country voted into that position. But you have ignorant people who listen to the insanity of “clowns” such as Glen Beck coming out saying things like this:

Nina Whitworth called Cedar Ridge Elementary School on Thursday, concerned that the speech would be seen by her six foster children. She was told Cedar Ridge planned to watch the speech. When Obama first took office, Cedar Ridge kindergarten classes held an inaugural ball complete with costumes and masks of Obama and his entire family.

Whitworth was pleased to hear back from the school later that day that, per the district, plans had changed.

I dont stand behind him in some of his beliefs, Whitworth said about Obama. My concern was I didnt want people telling my children stuff if it goes against our values.

Whitworth doesnt know yet if shell let her children stay in the classroom if their teachers decide to use the speech in a lesson. Shell just have to see what the president says Tuesday.

If it doesnt go against our values or I dont think hes trying to put ideas in their heads that shouldnt be there, I wouldnt have a problem with that, she said.

Whitworth likens watching the speech at school to teaching evolution.

I dont believe in that, and I wouldnt want it shared with my children, she said.

Here is a woman that has never bothered to find out for herself what this speech is about. She is just lazy enough to let those “trusted folks at FOX News” do here thinnin’ for her.

How the hell do you get through to people like this?

Nina is a simp. This isn’t the first time a sitting president has addressed school children to impress upon them the value of getting an education. John Kennedy did it. Ronald Reagan did it, and most recently George H. W. Bush did it. (Nobody would ever have taken “W” seriously if he had tried it)

Nina claims that teaching her children that getting a good edukashun goes against her values, and she doesn’t want this black devil to put ideas into their heads? That telling her children to be good students and get an education is akin to being taught evolution?

This isn’t about any of that. This is about hatred. Pure, blind hatred, and it is indicative of where the Republican Party has ended up. These are the same people who had no problem with the previous administration handing everything over to Corporations to run the affairs of this country, but suddenly want to secede from the country because a majority of people wanted to restore a social safety net.

I just don’t get it any more. Maybe we should allow Texas to leave the Union, and invite all of the bigots of the Republican Party to move down there. Maybe then we would have the incentive to build that fence.

I just get a headache these days arguing with bigots. There is no getting though to them. It is just a lot easier to give them Texas and isolate them. Let them pull themselves up by their own bootstraps in the Christian Taliban Republic of Texas without the help of the US Government that they find so evil.