Glenn Beck is a Communist

Well, he hasn’t denied it yet, so using his “logic” it has to be true.

Not too long ago, Glenn “I’m Just a Clown” Beck came up with a real crazy and convoluted reading of the art that was commissioned in the 1930s for the Rockefeller Center.


But let’s take a look at something more recent, and a lot less convoluted, shall we?

By now, you are familiar the Teabagger march on September 12, 2009, when almost 60,000 people magically became up to 2 million people? Let’s take a close look at the logo for that march, shall we?


Notice the clenched fists? Does it remind you of anything? (Red. Clenched. Fists.)

Yeah, you’re right, it looks a little Communist, doesn’t it?