Mything the Season

Written by Ken Carman

Mythology would be a funny thing
If it weren’t for the lack of laughs
So caught up
In praising
The virgin birth Santa Jesus
Or communion grazing
The body of Son of God Claus
We often give little pause
Consider how we treat others
“Do unto others…”
Gets smothered
By seasonal theological demands

Preconceived notions
Can be murderous potions
Lighting the heat
Beneath any Kriss Kringle’s feet

For some
Tis a festival of sad
Broken hearts
Broken homes
Broken dreams
That will never be sewn
back together

Shattered dolls are we
Ripped and tattered
By the splatter of days
As we toil
Is just natural
Drive by soiler
Of the soul

Only you have the thread
That can sew the hole in my heart
And only I have the hands
That can stitch back
Your ripped off parts
Together we have the power
To wash and sew each other
And whole

These are the only true gifts
We can offer each other
Copyright 2009
Ken Carman
all rights reserved

Santa/chimney gif courtesy
gifts: wikicommons