Back Up and Regroup

After almost ten months of being sickened by the sausage-making of the health care “reform” legislation, I have come to the conclusion that Congress needs to stop, run the 2000+ pages through a shredder, and then go home for the rest of the year.

When they come back in January, the first thing the Democratic caucus needs to do is to go behind closed doors and make some tough decisions.

The first order of business should be for both houses to elect new leadership. We’ve tried the Harry and Nancy show for too long with little to show for it.

The second order of business should be to kick Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic Caucus, strip him of his committee chairmanships, relocate his office and staff to the boiler room of the Capitol Building, and reassign him to one or two meaningless committees with no seniority. Additionally, any and all pork that would benefit his state should be completely stripped from any current or future proposed bill until the man is no longer a Senator. Connecticut elected this weasel, they should pay the consequences.

Next, start pushing for term limits, public campaign financing, and to change the rules on filibusters so that if someone threatens a filibuster, they actually have to go through with it — nonstop, with no breaks. Also limit the number of filibusters per side to three per session. The purpose of the filibuster was to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority, but in recent years it has become a tool for the tyranny of the minority against the majority.

There needs to be party discipline. It doesn’t have to be as rigid as what the Republican Caucus has, but if you are going to call yourself a “Democrat”, you should at least adhere to the basic Party platforms.

We The People need to send our elected Democratic representatives a strong message also. We are part of the problem also. If you really want to effect how a Democratic Congresscritter is to act, cut off his or her ATM cash supply. Stop giving money to the DCCC, the DLC or the DNC. They will give money to any candidate who just calls himself a “Democrat”. That is how we wound up with Republicans in our Party in the first place. Instead, if there is a candidate you like, give your money to that candidate specifically. Cut out the middleman. That way, these people are answerable to YOU, and not expecting a money line simply because the stick a “D” at the end of their name.

I don’t care if some Congresscritter has been in office for a few decades and has seniority. He or she has probably been there too long anyways. I would rather have term limits of no more than two terms for any federal office than have someone become part of the furniture. I don’t buy into that idea that a person has to “learn” about the traditions and procedures and how things are done in Washington for a few years before they can be effective. That is the fucking problem in the first place. Maybe they should move the Capitol to Nebraska or the middle of Arizona.

It was a huge mistake to try and do something with health care (or anything else) without first fixing the big problems with the system first. Sure, Democrats had a “majority”, but only after doing some twisted math. Thanks to the DCCC, the DLC, and the DNC, we opened our tent up to a lot of Republicans who could never have been elected as Republicans, but could easily be elected as Democrats.