In Being Talked Off the Cliff…

The other day I was angry. Pissed off enough to say “fuck them all”. Now I am just weary.

I am still upset over the provisions of the Health Care Reform bill as it is about to pass out of the Senate. Untouched, it will be a complete disaster, and create an undue burden on all of us.

However, this is just a foundation, it still has to go back to the House where there is still a bill that is much more palatable than the Senate version. Something is bound to be changed in order for the House to go along with it.

But I am not counting on it.

Granted, the final bill is not the dream bill that most progressives envisioned at the beginning. In fact, it is pretty damn thin in the areas we think it should matter the most. But I am reminded that this is the first significant piece of social legislation that has gotten this far in decades. And it still contains a LOT of things we’ve needed.

But is is no where near complete.

I am also reminded that Social Security and Medicare were also very weak and lacked some very important features when initially passed. But the hard work was getting something like that passed in the first place. It took some time after that to beef them up and make those programs what they are today.

The same thing goes for this current Health Care Reform bill. It is just the foundation in which to build upon. The hard work is really over — and THIS is what the Republicans are so afraid of. With the Health Care Reform act in place, it becomes a budgetary item that can be added to with a simple majority. Most of the provisions of this bill don’t come into effect until 2014, meaning that in the mean time, Congress can build up the walls and roof on the foundation and start adding the furniture. They will no longer need the “super-majority” in order to add to the foundation.

WE THE PEOPLE have work to do on this too. We sit back on our lazy asses and complain because Congress isn’t doing what we want them to. We complain because Obama isn’t doing what we want him to do.

Here is the problem: we aren’t getting our message out to Congress or the President. We aren’t PUSHING them to do what we want, we are only sitting back and letting them have their own heads.

FDR didn’t start out as a progressive kind of guy — he accomplished good things because the PEOPLE PUSHED HIM INTO IT. Left alone, any politician is going to drift aimlessly. The only way these people are going to hear us is if we start yelling at them. Show up in droves, don’t just sit back at a computer and send emails or call on the phone. MAKE A SCENE.

I hate to say it, but the teabaggers had at least THAT part right. The Vietnam war didn’t end because people stayed at home. They took to the streets. They made noise. They demonstrated. We’ve lost a lot of that, thinking that Twitter, blogs, and forums are a substitute for plain old fashioned “boots on the ground”.

The other day I blamed our politicians. Today I give them partial blame, but I blame US more for not pushing them.

This Senate Health Care Reform bill is crap as it sits, but it isn’t the end of the line. It is the beginning. Now it is up to us to take this dreck and turn it into something great.