Going Back to the Cliff Again…

Okay, it is official. The Senate voted on the Health Care Reform bill and it passed by a landslide.

I will repeat that for those Conservatives that pass by here —

The Senate passed its version of the Health Care Reform Act by a landslide.

Sure, it was only 58 Democrats and two Independents voting for it, while not one Republican did. But with a victory of 60 percent, that is by definition a “landslide”.

Now it can be easily argued that eight of those Democrats are actually Republicans who just call themselves “Blue Dog Democrats”, and one of those Independents is just a douche bag. You could if you want to try and point out that this was really a “bi-partisan” effort.

Of course that would only be an excuse for how badly this thing turned out.

Yesterday, I was all ready to cross my fingers and hope that things could get cleaned up a bit in conference. Today, my only hope is that the Progressives of the House scuttle the entire thing by NOT BACKING DOWN ON THEIR DEMANDS.

Here is the thing: The “Blue Dogs” of the Senate are not going to waiver. Why? Because they haven’t been bitch slapped by the Senate Democratic Leadership. They saw what happened when Lieberman became the first spoiler and got his way, then Ben Nelson went and did his thing.

Nothing happened to them. They got what they wanted and came out of it in one piece.

You can bet if the House put their version of a Public Option back in, or any of the other things that the Progressives pushed for, the Senate Blue Dogs would torpedo the entire bill.

But if the Progressives of the House just go along with the Senate version and rubber stamp it. we are even worse off than NOT having this “must-have” legislation.

I say, “Go For Broke, House Progressives!” Load the Public Option or better yet just open up Medicare to all and then draw the line in the sand. Take it or leave it. Either we get something worth while, or don’t get anything at all.

The point is, between 60 and 70 percent of the American people WANT either a public option or Medicare. Poll after poll tells us this. What they DON’T want is this Senate bill as written.

People WANT and end to the anti-trust exemption the insurance companies currently enjoy. They WANT competition in the insurance industry. While they don’t want to be turned down for “pre-existing conditions”, they also don’t want to be forced to pay five times as much because of it — just so the private insurance companies can increase their profits.

There is nothing in the Senate bill that actually LOWERS the cost of health insurance. If anything, there is nothing that stops the industry from jacking the price up.

The only logical step is for the Dems in the House to push for THEIR version of the bill and nothing less. If the Senate blows it up, then we know who to blame for it.