Republicans Will Never Approve…

… so why bother to appease?

I am getting tired of hearing the GOP complain that the Democrats are not pursuing a ‘bipartisan’ path on key items like the Stimulus Bill, the Health Care Reform Bill, the Jobs Bill, and the Financial Industry Reform Bill. Mitch McChinless McConnell spends most of his time lying in front of cameras, knowing that virtually everything that falls out of his neck is completely the opposite of reality.

Democrats have gone out of their way to try and accommodate these truculent Republicans by incorporating way too many of the things that Republicans wanted. Most of the time dumping the solid Democratic principles in the process. We saw it happen on the Health Care Reform bill when first the Single Payer option was taken off the table before the debates even started, and eventually the “Public” option was jettisoned in the hopes that it would pull in a Conservative vote or two. (How did that work for us, huh?)

Now we have McChinless making the cynical and deceptive assertion that the financial industry reform plan being pushed by the Democrats is another “bailout bill”. Again he whines about not having enough time to go over all of this, and how Republicans are not being given the chance for any input.

I seem to recall just a few short years ago when it was the Republicans sitting in the power seat and how Democrats weren’t allowed any input, and how they were shut out of any and all of the decision-making processes. They were told that elections had consequences and to just shut up.

Well, how ’bout this for an idea?

Let’s just drop all efforts to bring these people along. They are going to accuse the Democrats of shutting them out anyways, LET’S JUST DO IT. Shut them out. Strip any and all Republican input from the Financial Reform bill, and just go with a straight Democratic Party Plan.

Elections have consequences alright — and those voters who put the Dems in charge have been pretty much ignored for the past two years with all of this Kumbaya crap we’ve been witnessing for the past eighteen months.

If the Republicans want to know what it is like being “shut out” then let them actually feel it. If they want to filibuster, let them go all the way.

Elections are coming up this November, and I cannot think of a more powerful way to run for office than to force Republicans to actually stand up and filibuster.

But the Democrats have about as much heart as a tit mouse, so I don’t have any real hope of seeing that happen.

Okay, my rant is over.