Earth 2100

Earth 2100 is a television program that was presented by theAmerican Broadcasting Company (ABC) network on June2, 2009 and was aired on the History channel in January 2010 and will continue to be shown through 2010. Hosted by ABC journalistBob Woodruff, the two-hour special explored what a worst-case future might look like if humans do not take action on current or impending problems that could threaten civilization. The problems addressed in the program includeclimate change,overpopulation, and misuse ofenergy resources.

The events parallel the life of a fictitious storyteller, Lucy (told through the use ofmotion comics, orlimited animation), as she describes how the events affect her life. The program included predictions of adystopian Earth in the years2015,2030,2050,2085, and2100 byscientists,historians,social anthropologists, andeconomists, includingJared Diamond,Thomas Homer-Dixon,Peter Gleick,James Howard Kunstler,Heidi Cullen, andJoseph Tainter.

According to Executive Producer Michael Bicks, this program was developed to show the worst-case scenario for human civilization. Again, we are not saying that these events will happen rather, that if we fail to seriously address the complex problems of climate change, resource depletion and overpopulation, they are much more likely to happen.

I posted the entire film over at my website. Within an hour, the first comment I got was from someone who just couldn’t get past the fact that Van Jones made a cameo appearance in it. This guy said the entire film now has a “credibility” issue because of it.

The film is a “what-if” story, using some knowns and a lot of speculation of what MIGHT happen over the next ninety years. In the year since it was first broadcast on ABC, the Right has called this movie a “fear-based plot” using “junk science”. I only see it as a film that makes people think of the possibilities of the future — that’s it.

I am tend to remember that Conservatives would still be content with buggy whips and chamber pots today if we let them use their vision for the future.