We Have Moved

I am sure that most of you didn’t even notice.

At Noon, Pacific, this entire shebang packed itself up, walked out, closed the door to the previous server, walked down the hall and moved into another server.  The whole process took about an hour and a half to move four domains and two databases.

So here we are, in our own room, all to ourselves.  We no longer share with fourteen other websites, only us and our roommate, Professor Good Ales.  (I am sure he won’t disturb us)

Why, you ask?

There were a couple of reasons.  One being that the main domain on the other server gets about 80k hits a week, and another site gets almost as much.  determining how many resources each site needs is kinda tough.  Besides, I no longer wanted to be the middle man for determining who owed what and when on the hosting bill.  I am not in the hosting business, and I just don’t have the energy for such things.

I will do the nuts and bolts stuff here, just that it will be here and not there.

If you have any issues do to the move, lemme know.