Here is a thought…

Obama is not getting out of the race — so far he’s winning.

Regardless of Hillary’s apparent math problem, she is not dropping out either. In fact, she has pledged to go all the way to the convention floor in Denver in late August, because she doesn’t think that there is such a thing as a “declared” delegate when it comes to her winning the nomination.

Okay fine.

But in the meantime, we have Grampa McCain enjoys an unchecked advantage while our two candidates are too busy beating each other to a bloody pulp. He can say just about any stupid thing right now and neither of the democratic candidates are responding.

Here is my advice to Hillary and Obama:

Since neither of you are going to drop out, and because we cannot afford to wait through the summer into fall, giving McCain total advantage, then quit running against each other and at least pretend that each of you are running against McCain as the presumptive democratic nominee.

It will have the advantage of being two against one, while it lets US see each of you as the presumptive candidate, because ultimately, one of you actually are going to have to be running against McCain, and this way you can have the advantage of running a political tag team. You would be silently competing against each other for the nomimation, but publically you would simply ignore each other.

As Hillary keeps saying, we should be picking the candidate that is most likely going to beat McCain in November. Let’s use this time as sort of an audition.

The alternative is each of you beating each other so bad, that John McCain becomes the next president.