It’s Time to Look For Another Progressive Candidate

I’ve pretty much had it.  I feel as though we’ve been the victim of a bait n’ switch.  Show us a shiny new product, hear all of the wonderful things this product will do for you if you get it, and once you do get it  — you end up with a dud.

That is what we have with President Obama.  A dud.  A guy who talks a big game, but when it is time to show up with that game, he is nowhere to be seen.

This week’s meeting with the Republican leaders is a prime example of Obama’s “leadership”.  How many times does a guy have to be kicked in the teeth before he realizes that these people are out to hurt you?

It has been almost two years, and still our president hasn’t figured out what most of us picked up on long before he took office.  The Republicans have no intention of allowing this president to succeed in anything.

It isn’t as though the Republicans have kept this a secret — they’ve made it known to anyone who will listen.  In very plain language that even a person with limited English skills could understand.  They intend to block any and everything the president wants.

When we first witnessed Obama trying to make nice with Republicans, it shocked us.  The cynical amongst us warned us that this was a mistake, but most of us gave him the benefit of the doubt by suggesting that Obama was “playing chess, while the Republicans were playing checkers”.  Okay, we told ourselves, we are going to witness some Obama-fu cunning strategy.

But it never came.

We lost the health care debate and ended up with a complete mess that only benefits the greedy insurance companies at our expense.  Single payer vaporized immediately, and a public option went out the window along with it.  We know now that the Obama-fu cunning strategy was a set up from the start — Obama had already promised the insurance companies there would be no public option.  We were sold out.

And so it has happened with virtually every other thing that has come down the pike.

Look at the current lame-duck stuff.  Obama publicly came out for extending the Bush-era middle class tax breaks and letting the breaks for the top two percent to expire.  He meets with Republican leaders yesterday, with both sides claiming the meeting to be “productive”.  Yet this morning, Senator McConnell comes out with a pledge to block everything until ALL of the Bush-Era tax cuts are extended.  That means he is willing to shut down the government,  put off the new START treaty, the DREAM act, and the defense authorization bill until the top two percent of the people in this country get to retain their three percent tax cut.

The sad thing is, Obama will cave.  He will cave because he has already telegraphed it weeks before.

We have two years before the next presidential election.  We have less than a year to find another candidate to beat Obama in the primaries.  I have had it with this guy.