Inspection- The One Term Presidency

I didn’t find writing this edition of Inspection pleasant. But necessary? Yes, unfortunately. Maybe it was the recent admission that Barack is willing to compromise away his promise to allow a certain tax break to expire. Maybe it was not even considering single payer, then quickly trashing public option in favor of a big, wet, financial gift to the health care insurance industry. Maybe all of the above and so much more. But this columnist has come to a conclusion regarding Barack Obama…

I cannot escape the obvious observation that the President is doing everything in his power to assure that the title of this edition of Inspection comes to pass. In fact if Barack Obama has a holy mission… scratch that… a “jihad,” the battle in this war… his “crusade,” would be to make damn sure he is a one term president.

After eight years of missing WMD, two never ending wars and declaring a president has all the powers of a malevolent King…

…to torture anyone
…to declare anyone in the world; even a citizen, has no rights
…to declare they can be thrown into what amounts to a concentration camp for the rest of their life all on mere accusation, suspicion
…after eight years of national security is everything, national security supersedes all rights except…
…after eight years of national security means nothing if the administration in power has a personal grudge big enough to “excuse” betraying their own country

After all that it should break the hardest heart that Barack Obama is so determined to be a one term president. You know, he knows, we all know, if we go back it’s going to be even worse next time.

This president is not a stupid man.

He has to be doing this intentionally.

How do you make damn sure you serve one term?

You’re willing, in fact eager sometimes, to compromise everything away: things you promised your base.

Before an election you blame, in advance, your base for the loss. Accuse them of being impatient with the progress when everyone knows damn well you keep inching a little forward, then proceed to turn the family station wagon around and head back towards the other direction whenever those who hate you beyond all reason say, “Boo!” Sometimes you don’t even wait for the, “Boo!”

You’re answer to defeat, or modest success, is trying to compromise with those who oppose you who have made it damn obvious they will never, ever, compromise with you.

…compromise as they accuse you of everything and anything.

…compromise when they take the ball you have given them, supposedly agreeing to head towards a mutual goalpost, and run the other direction: every time.

Sooner or later we will get to the next goalpost…

Their goalpost.

And when the destination becomes obvious, after giving brief lip service to your “responsibility,” you blame that on your base: every time.

Of course “your responsibility,” if we are to accept the premise you offer as an excuse every damn time, was to be nicer and more giving to those who hate you, will always hate you, and have declared their sole mission is to make you… what was that? Oh, yeah: “a one term president.”

Their sole mission is to make you a “one term president?” Their words, not mine.

I’m beginning to understand how Jesus must have felt when Pilate washed his hands. Want a more “user friendly” comparison, Mr. Obama? OK, even Charlie Brown didn’t blame his fans when Lucy pulled the football over and over again. But if he had, you know Peanuts fans would have abandoned the strip. Just like your base is abandoning you. One wonders if you actually think the rats who have always said they would rather swim than switch will jump on board to replace the crew that is abandoning you.

We have to ask, considering all this, who will vote for you next time, Sir?

I think you know the answer to that. In fact, as paranoid as it sounds, I am beginning to believe you really don’t want a second term. And your attempts to blame it on me, on other members of your base, are shallow at best. They make it appear you have other motives: you want to return to eight miserable years of loathsome. Only this time it will be worse. Intentional, or not, you may be the best friend the extreme Right and the most extreme Bush fans ever had.

Of course you’ll never get the credit from them. You’ll only get abuse.

Are you that much into political S&M, Sir?

I can’t help but consider the possibility these days…

…maybe you’re working for the other team?


Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 30 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.

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