Denial or Defensive?

I have tried to keep away from the finger-pointing going on since the terrible shooting spree in Tucson last week.

I did comment on a conservative blog that I didn’t think Sarah Palin was personally responsible for last week’s shooting, I also pointed out that our current political vitriol using gun imagery and references to “take out” or “target” have been known to motivate the lone wolfs in our society in the past.

It is still too early to know what went on in the mind of Jared Lee Loughner when he decided to go on his shooting rampage.  We try to make sense of what he did by trying to assign blame on something so we start looking at the obvious causes first — even if they are wrong for this particular incident.

But being wrong for this incident doesn’t mean that they aren’t potentially wrong for others to come.  This is why Sarah Palin’s “bullseye” ad listing Gabrielle Giffords has come under renewed attack since the shooting.  It is why the things that Glenn Beck and others have spewed out in recent months have also been put in the spotlight.  It isn’t so much about them or what they are saying, but how they are saying it.

Within an hour or so of the shooting, Sarah Palin’s “people” had scrubbed her site of any reference to the bullseye ad.  Of course, that ad is all over the internet because of the imagery used when it first came out.  Even Gabrielle Giffords warned about how dangerous this particular ad is and the potential of violence it could create.  Of course Sarah and others poo-poo’d the notion and kept it up — until Gabrielle actually got shot.  Then Sarah was quick to take down that ad and try to pretend that she never intended it to be interpreted in the way that it was.

They were just surveyor marks.  Oh, I see, here is a picture of Sarah going out to survey in Alaska:

Sarah Palin, Suveyor

Just in case she runs across any rampaging wolves, she was sure to include her rifle:

Hunting Rifle

Does she really think we are that stupid that we couldn’t pick up on the idea that those marks were actually “bullseyes” and that the intended imagery was to “target” certain candidates to beat in an election?  Seriously?

Ever since Sarah came on the national scene, she has been about guns, shooting, targeting, hunting, taking out, kill, kill, kill.  That is the Sarah Palin theme, and it is what endears her to her gun base.  ”RELOAD!”  she cries, “WE’VE GOT THEM IN THE CROSS HAIRS!”

One place where she forgot to scrub was this particular tweet:


Instead of coming out to say that the level of vitriol has gotten out of hand and that she was going to help tone it down in the future, she instead comes out to say that either she isn’t to blame for the vitriol or that we’ve somehow misinterpreted what she has been saying.

I don’t care what she has said in the past.  Or what any of them have said in the PAST.  What I do care about is what they say now and in the future.  TAKE some fucking responsibility and work to tone this shit down.