Abortion and Politics

This is not about farming or hydrofracking or pollution. This is about politics.

This morning I was listening to a report by Rachel Maddow on the attack on Planned Parenthood, and abortion providers in general, by the right wing of our political spectrum. Christian (?) radicals who believe it is alright to threaten, injure and kill doctors and nurses and patients who participate in abortions.

A new law has been proposed that would allow a hospital or practitioner to refuse to perform an abortion and, to refuse to offer a referral to woman – even if her life is in danger. A hospital, or practitioner, could allow you to die, rather than send you to another facility, because their personal belief system, disapproves of a legal procedure.

(It should be noted that federal funds are not used to pay for abortion services in the US. Not at Planned Parenthood nor anywhere else. So this is not about your tax money paying for them. (Though my tax money does pay for the viagra that may be contributing to the need for abortions.)  
When I was a child a man was running for President who happened to be Catholic. A Christian man, but from the wrong denomination. There was a brouhaha about how if he was elected the Pope would be running our country.

He was elected. It didn’t happen.

Some of those people are now screaming about Muslims. They are afraid our President is a secret one. They are afraid we will have Sharia law running rampant in the countryside. Yet, they are pushing for their religious view, to rule the nation. And not just about abortion rights.

Now – personally I am against abortion except for certain cases such as rape, incest, and detriment to the mother’s health. I also think those decisions are best left to the woman and her Doctors.

I also feel that it is important to protect the rights of those against abortion to *peacefully* and *legally* protest.

What I’d like to say to those radical family values extremists, who block roadwys and clinics, and threaten the lives of practitioners and their families and their clients…..

“What have you done to make abortion unnecessary?”

Have you adopted or fostered a child whose mother was unable to care for it? Have you worked to pass programs that would provide financial and nutritional assistance to families without means? Have you taken a young woman into your home who has been thrown out of her home because she’s pregnant? Do you support agencies that do?
Men – do you practice safe sex, and take responsibility for pregnancies that might occur anyway? Are you monogamous? (I’m particularly irritated at politicians who scream family values while having a honey or a prostitute on the side) And of course – are you not incestuous?

If you have. Thank you. That still does not give you the right to advocate or commit acts of violence.