Death By a Thousand Budget Cuts

And so it begins.

By now we’ve all read how the House has averted a government shutdown by “cutting”  our spending by a couple of billion bucks.    What are these “cuts”?  Ear marks that haven’t been spent yet.  Ear marks that Obama had already proposed cutting already.  In other words, nothing yet.

This bought two weeks for the Republicans who woke up the other day to some new polling that suggests the majority of people in this country are kinda against the deep cuts that the Republicans would like to pass.  So they wound up doing the political calculus and figured that perhaps shutting down the government over budget cuts the public doesn’t really support probably isn’t the wisest thing to do right now.  So they’ve folded.

Or at least they are appearing to fold.

But we know that the only master these people know are the corporate masters and it is the BIG money that controls things in Washington, not the whining public.  And dag nab it, the BIG money wants budgets slashed to the point where all government-run programs will be forced to fail, so they can come in and take over.

This has been a fifty-year plan of the Right and they are so close to fruition that they aren’t going to stop now just because the majority of people are saying “no”.

So the Republicans have a backup plan in mind.  Just keep passing Continuing Resolutions every couple of weeks, each time salting them with a few “small” cuts and dare the Democrats to balk at it.  That way it will look like the Republicans are being “reasonable” and it is the Democrats who want to shut down the government.

The Dems should find their spine RIGHT NOW, for this is the time for them to stand up and face the Republicans down.  Why?  Because the Republicans have already shown their hand — they can’t afford to have the government shut down right now — that is why they are caving.

Now is the time for the Dems to push forward and put the Republicans in their place once and for all.

Okay, now I will wake up and realize that I’ve been dreaming again.  Silly me, everyone knows the Dems don’t have spines…