Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea

It looks like Spongebob Squarepants got a new neighbor last week.

Now the jockeying for who gets the credit for deep-sixing the arch-terrorist has begun.

Predictably, the pro-war crowd are positioning Bush for the credit while minimizing Obama’s role to just following the “path that Bush laid out”.  Of course they really have no answers for how Bush actually shut down and defunded the projects put in place to actually find Osama, and how he publicly said on numerous occasions that finding Osama wasn’t really high on his list and that he hadn’t honestly thought about the guy for a long time.

When you ask these pro-war Conservatives about what would have happened if we had actually caught or killed Osama at Tora Bora instead of surrounding him on three sides and allowing him to go, they don’t seem to have an answer.  Especially when you point out that IF Osama had been caught or killed in 2002, there would be no global war on terror, and Iraq and Afghanistan wouldn’t be an ongoing military sore.  Bush would have been a one-term president and we’d be into our second term of John Kerry, with an economy intact.

It took Barack Obama to come into office and publicly state that his number one objective was to hunt down Osama been Forgotten and bring his narrow ass to justice.  But this time, instead of near-drowning captured terrorists and extracting useless and misleading information out of them, he directed the CIA to use more conventional methods of obtaining information.  And wouldn’t you know it — they actually got useful information that way.  (of course blowholes like Rush Limbaugh still  insist that was only because these suspects were “softened up first” by torture)

But now the conspiracy freaks are at it again.  We are starting to see the birth of the Deather Movement.  Now people want “proof” of Osama bin Laden’s death.  They want pictures, videos, a body, DNA samples presumably to run through their Photoshop program to determine whether there are “layers” or something to “prove” it is all “fake”.  It is amazing that Adobe didn’t market a product exclusively to the desk-chair experts of the 101st Fighting Keyboard crowd.

While a part of me would like to see the video and related photos, the pragmatic side of me doesn’t think it is really a good idea.  We know the guy is dead — good riddance, it was long overdue.  We know HOW he died — he deserved it.  We now know that he wasn’t armed as the first reports suggested — I don’t care, he’s dead and now gone.  I wouldn’t even care if he was shot in cold blood while surrendering and begging for his life.  In fact, I would rather believe it happened that way — dying in terror.  The irony.

No, I don’t need to see his bloody body.  I think that it was a smart thing to dump his ass overboard on an undisclosed ocean so that nobody would ever try to locate him.  (I’ll bet he never saw that one coming)  I don’t need to wrap his body in bacon and bury him somewhere as a reminder to a religious group that if you get out of line the Christian Right will go all Crusades on you.

Releasing a photograph of a bloody Osama might quench the blood lust of the Conservative War Christians, but it would have the effect of stirring up the hornet’s nest again, and why in the hell do we need to do that?  Let things die down, let these people put all of this shit behind them.  Let everyone get on with the act of living, instead of trying to kill each other.

But I do have some questions.

One of the biggies is we now know that Osama bin Laden lived in that “compound” in Abbotabad for six years.  Abbotabad is a major Pakistani military installation just 70 km from the capital.  It would be real hard for anyone in the Paki government NOT to know that Osama was living literally in their midst.  By extension, it would be real hard for the Bush administration NOT to know about it either, considering how close the two former Presidents were.

It makes me wonder how much freedom Osama bin Laden really had in that compound.  Taking a look at the areal photographs, it almost resembles a prison to keep Osama in, instead of keeping others out.  I wonder, could it be that the Pakistan government had and agreement with the Bush administration to keep Osama under wraps this way so that Bush could continue his “War on Terror”?  After all, we all know that if Osama had been caught at any time during the Bush administration, his War on Terror would suddenly be over.  He would lose all support for it almost overnight.

When did Obama find out about this?  Shortly after his inauguration?   It is kind of an unwritten rule not to expose the previous administration for their crimes, so he couldn’t just immediately act upon this kind of information.  He would have to stretch it out and make it appear that through a thorough intelligence program they discovered and vetted the information in order to act.  After all this has to be all Obama’s doing, not just having the information passed from one administration to the other.

Maybe killing Osama-the-Prisoner was required so that he wouldn’t expose the whole story and embarrass the US.  How’s THAT for a conspiracy?

Anyways, that is all the time I have for my ramblings…