That One 2008

Like Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace, with his man-pants up to his armpits, John McCain referred to Obama as “That One” in last night’s town hall debate. I almost detected that “Oh, that Dennis”.

Like the debate before, where he acted as if the junior First-Term Senator didn’t have enough “status” to even share a stage with a Senator of his seniority, McCain refused to acknowledge him be looking at him, or even mentioning Obama’s name. You could almost see him seething under the thin coating of “My Friends” and weak jokes.

This was supposed to be John McCain’s forte — the town hall style of ‘debate’. Instead, it was a disaster for him. When McCain had the floor, Obama would sit quietly and thoughtfully looking at McCain as if he were paying close attention to what McCain had to say. McCain, on the other hand had this jerky wandering thing going on, and I was reminded of that computer game a few years ago called “Doom”, where the zombie monsters would do this jerky little walk-in-place thing if they were far enough out of range of you. There was also this one step forward, turn, one step forward, turn, one step forward, turn again, as he talked. There was a distinct pattern to it and it was as though he was conscientiously doing it to keep his mind from flipping out. It is going to be the newest thing at the redneck bars and retirement centers soon: The McCain Do-see-do, the jerky one-step.

I notice that once again, the Drudge online poll has McCain winning two to one — same as the first McCain/Obama and the Palin/Biden debates, but every other poll out there has Obama winning this one again and by a margin of 20 – 25 points.

It wasn’t even close.

McCain needed a game changer. This was more like a game over. He is losing ground in every battleground state, and if the election were held today, the Votemaster at Electoral Vote has Obama winning by the following electoral votes:

Obama 349 McCain 174

We’ve already seen the McCain camp reacting to the low polls starting last Friday. The Pitbull (can’t we just call her “The Bitch”, since she does refer to herself as “The Pitbull”?) pretends that she just learned of Obama meeting with Bill Ayers, a former alleged domestic terrorist in 1995. She claims that she had just read a New York Times article and “learned” of his connection with a domestic terrorist, that the paper claimed he was ‘palling around’.

The trouble is, the New York Times article she claims she read says almost the exact opposite of what she is trying to put out.

The point is, the McCain camp knows that there is now no way they are going to win the race on the issues, so McCain is doing what comes natural to him — a scorched-earth attack where if he isn’t going to win, he certainly isn’t going to let the other guy effectively govern. This is something that Republicans tend to do — they did it in 1992 against Clinton, and when he was elected, he came into office with virtually no honeymoon.

This attitude, by itself, should be complete evidence of why Republican John McCain is not fit to be the President of the United States. We do not need someone who has demonstrated that he would be willing and ready to destroy something rather than lose gracefully.