Construction Zone… Watch for Falling Debris

Okay, WP 2.3 is about ready to be officially released.  A lot of major under-the-hood changes have occurred in this new release — most will bore the socks off of those who don’t know about such things, so I won’t bore you by describing them in minute detail.  Because of these changes, I now have to come in and make some more obvious changes.  One of those changes is in the appearance.

I have already installed the Release Candidate for WordPress 3.2, and along with it, comes a brand new theme — the one you see here.  Over the next three days, I will customize that theme to fit the purpose of this site — but not too much, I want to keep it stock as much as possible.

For those of you with old browsers — tough luck.  I am sorry, there just isn’t going to be any way to accommodate you any longer.  I mean seriously, as web designers and site operators, we’ve bent over backwards for too many years while you cling to your Internet Explorer 5.5 and Internet Explorer 6.  It is time to throw the buggy whip away.  Frankly, why anyone is still using Internet Explorer at all is beyond me.  Sure, it came free with your operating system, but so did Mine Sweep — and you aren’t using that are you?  Get a real browser that is standards compliant, like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.

Anyways,  I will be working here off and on throughout the holidays so don’t be surprised if you see strangeness going on here.  If you have any design comments to make, NOW would be the time.