The Newsweek Sarah Palin Scandal

Sometimes you just want to shake your head because you can’t believe there are people as friggin’ petty as the bag of asses over at the FOX News Network.

Newsweek magazine does a cover on Sarah Palin. Not bad, she is actually a good looking woman, but that by itself doesn’t make her “qualified” for anything more than being able to fill out a dress quite nicely.

So what is riling the women at FOX News?

We’ll let THEM tell ya:

Okay, I will give you a moment to get your jaw off of your chest…

They want to tell us that she is “real”, “one of the folks”, yadda yadda yadda, but now want to scream because she was put up on a magazine untouched?

Here we are facing the worst ecomomic disaster in American history — maybe in the history of the world — and these bimbos are outraged over a photograph on the cover of a NEWS magazine.