WTF Obama?

President Obama keeps pressing on about something that really needs to be let go of.

But no, he wants to go “big” with a deficit-cutting deal, even when Republicans want to scale back on their demands.

O’Bummer, the correct stance in all of this is to demand a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling.  That means NO CONDITIONS, no giving away the store, no paying more ransom than what the Republicans are demanding.  This isn’t the budget we are debating here, it is simply raising the debt ceiling to pay for the crap that we have already racked up.  If the Republicans want to have a discussion on budget and deficits, then have that debate when putting together the budget.

No, Obama needs to just step back and insist on just raising the debt ceiling and that’s it.  Democrats should refuse to engage on anything else but that.  Have a clean bill waiting for the Republicans to come around and let them look like they are the ones holding things up.

Obama needs to learn that the Republicans are never going to play as honest brokers.  They are going to do everything they can to scuttle, crash and burn any progress he tries to make in our economy — even if it means dragging the country down through the mud.  They refuse to acknowledge that the only reason we are in this deficit to begin with is because of Republican policies such as tax cuts and war spending.  Whereas Obama is correct in his assessment that sacrifice should be shared, he is trying to work with a group that has no intention of working with him.

As I said in an  earlier post, Obama should be spending his time and energy hammering Republicans for not focusing on job creation, and making a daily appearance on radio and television to explain to the American people what his policies are and exactly how they are intended to work.  He needs to walk the people through these policies and ideas and counter any argument that Republicans choose to throw up.  If he is going to talk to McChinless and The Boner, then the discussion should be televised.  Let us ALL see what they are talking about.

I am getting real tired of Obama having a meeting with Republicans, then having the Republican leadership come out of those meetings moments later contradicting what the White House said moments earlier — and then not having Obama come out again and calling them on it.  All it does is make Obama look weak.

If we wanted nice, we would have elected Miss Manners.  We wanted firm, strong, and decisive.  We expected to see some backbone.  We won the election, goddammit — an actual decisive victory — Obama should have governed like he did.  Instead, he has been governing as if his victory was in question.

Many of us wish there was a stronger Democratic candidate out there in the wings right now to challenge Obama.  I know that historically party challenges to an incumbent usually ends in giving the election to the opposing party, but there comes a time when you have to ask:  “what do we have to lose?”

Don’t get me wrong, I want to support Obama, I do like the man, but his actions are leaving me scratching my head.  It is almost as if he is purposely trying to lose the next election.