Guilty of Being Hasty…

… at least that is the way things are beginning to look.

Obama had me fooled, along with all of the Republicans.  I’ve heard before that he is not one to play poker against.  The man is tough and he knows how to bluff.

I should be forgiven, considering his previous record of capitulation on things he shouldn’t have be caving on.  Things like “Single Payer” as it morphed into “Public Option”, and then into a mandatory hook up with a private insurance company.that won’t be able to drop me for a “pre-existing condition” but will be allowed to charge me through the nose for coverage.  Then there was the Bush tax cuts extension for another year, and the expanding the never-ending wars from three to five theaters.

But this one, this one is pure poetry.  To see Mitch McConnell’s face yesterday as he unveiled his “backup” proposal was priceless.  It looked like a group of his Wall Street backers had strapped him to a plank and water boarded him for a while as they told him to find a way out of this mess before he and his Republican cronies really screwed things up.

Now they are trying to figure out how to release the hostage and still save face.

Now The Boner, and his back-stabber, Cantor in the House have a real difficult problem — how to deal with the insane wing of their caucus.  Cantor, who just over a week ago was feeling cocky enough to walk out on the president thinking he had the man on the run, is now in a state of shock as he realizes Obama has just bent him over and screwed him.

Now, the sane Republicans are going to have to convince those Tea Party crazies that the polls they have relied on concerning not raising the debt ceiling will evaporate overnight if it means that not raising the debt ceiling will mean the Social Security checks will not be mailed out on August third.

After all, there IS a limit as to how far ideology will go… just mess with a Tea Partier’s Social Security check.