The Boner Slips Out

NOW maybe the Capitulator-in-Chief will finally understand that the Republicans aren’t his friends.

After being stood up for several hours today, and having his phone calls ignored, the President got a phone call this afternoon from The Boner telling him that they were no longer best buds on the debt talks, and that The Boner was walking away.

Good.  That’s the best news I’ve heard all month.  He may not realize it, but The Boner just saved Obama’s ass, what with Obama’s eagerness to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to the bone in exchange for the promise of a possibility that maybe the Republicans might think about closing a few tax loopholes — as long as they are offset by tax breaks, and that not one red cent goes to paying down the debt.

Obama has done a lot of good things during his term, but he was dangerously close to negating all of them with his idiotic idea that having a terrible deal is better than not having any deal at all.

From everything I’ve seen about Obama, the substance of a deal isn’t anywhere near as important as closing a deal — and that is a dangerous quality to have in a president.

I used to point out how out of touch President Bush appeared to be, and I see the same thing with President Obama.  It seems that once a person becomes president, he is no longer paying any attention to what We, The People are saying to him.  Instead, he surrounds himself with “advisers” who he relies on to tell him what is going on around him, but the problem is, they have their own agenda in mind and most of the time it runs counter to what We The People have in mind.

Poll after poll has said that we don’t give a rat’s ass about the debt ceiling when compared to the far more important issue of JOBS and the ECONOMY.  The national debt and deficit, while important, is a distant third on the priority list, and when it comes to trying to solve the problem, an overwhelming majority of both Republicans and Democrats favor raising the marginal tax rates on the rich and closing the loopholes.  That same majority are adamant about NOT cutting Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits.

Yet the president merrily goes ahead and bucks not only his party in Congress, but bucks what We The People are trying to shout at him.

We know that the Tea Party wing of the Republican Congress is completely insane. That is actually to our advantatge, since they appear to represent less than 10 percent of the people in this country.  The fact that they have literally taken over the Republican Party and that Party has gone on record to show that they have no problem bringing the entire economy down around our ears solely for the purpose of doing so on Obama’s watch, we should have no problem voting each and every one of them out of office in November 2012.

But Obama wants to be able to say that he was able to show that he’s done “big things”, regardless of whether those “big things” are in reality huge piles of shit.

Like his Health Care Reform bill.  I would be happy to scrap that entire ball of shit and simply open up Medicare to everyone on a sliding scale.  If you still want private insurance for the non-life-threatening stuff, then that’s on you.  Do away with the Medicare Part D, create Medicare Part E (for everyone) and allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

It wasn’t rocket science — it isn’t a “government-run health care system”, since you still see your own private doctor of your choice.  It’s just that you pay into an insurance system that has a three percent overhead and no profit motive.  And the infrastructure is already in place.  But no, Obama had to make things MUCH more complicated, and allowed the entire thing to be taken over by the private health insurance companies.  Now we will be mandated to buy high-priced health insurance from a company whose only interest is to squeeze as much money out of us as possible.

So I am ecstatic over this recent pull out by The Boner.  NOW, we can stop trying to make deals that are going to destroy everything we’ve gained over the past 80 years, and hopefully just go ahead and raise the debt ceiling.

Better yet, do away with the damn thing altogether.  We’ve never needed it.  That is what annual budgets are for.  Congress already had their bite at the apple.  That should have been enough.