Mr. Obama, Quit Futzing Around

I mean seriously.  This has gone on long enough.  You’ve tried to “get along” with these people whose only intent is to destroy you, and make sure that everything you try to accomplish will fail.  They hate you so much that they will stop at nothing to ensure that you are defeated in November 2012 — even if it means taking down the economy and causing ruin to hundreds of thousands of people in the process.

You have an option.  You have the tool at hand to stop these people dead in their tracks.  It is in the Constitution, Section 4 of the 14th Amendment.  The law is quite clear on the matter.

You swore an oath to follow and protect the US Constitution.  The Fourteen Amendment clearly states that we have to pay our debts — even if the House Republicans don’t want you to.  Sure, the Constitution says that all budget stuff has to originate in the US House, but the Rule of Lenity applies in the cases of ambiguity.

On August 1st, you should have two documents on your desk for signature.  One being whatever bill is passed up to you from Congress, and the other should be an Executive Order stating that you intend to invoke the 14th Amendment and raise the debt ceiling unilaterally — on your own.  You should tell Congress today that is going to be your “grand plan”, and that the argument is now over.  Either they pass up a “clean bill” that raises the debt ceiling — or better yet, does away with it altogether — or you will sign the Executive Order that does away with it yourself.

The Supreme Court would be the court to decide on whether this is legal or not, and frankly they probably will choose not to get involved.  Why?  Because it will expose a weakness that they don’t want anyone to know — they have absolutely no enforcement mechanism.  Their self-appointed power will unravel and they will revert back to the point where they should have been from the start — the final arbitrator, not an entity that can nullify statutes and create law.

Oh how different the political landscape will be then…