Presidential Choices of the Troops

Putting an end to the meme found over at many of the Conservative blogs that the majority of our troops support the Bush Doctrine ABC News decided to go ask a few who they would vote for in November, and why.

The results were surprising

ABC’s Martha Raddatz asked American soldiers in Iraq what issues are most important to them when looking at the presidential candidates.

Jeremy Slate

Though the military is not supposed to engage in partisan political activity, these soldiers spoke out about their personal endorsements, and their opinions are likely to matter. In 2004, 73 percent of the U.S. military voted for a presidential candidate, and officials believe it may be even higher this time around.

PFC Jeremy Slate said he supported Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., because of his stated intention to pull out of Iraq right away.

“That would be nice,” Slate said, “I’d like to be home, yea.”

SFC Patricia Keller also expressed support for Obama, citing his representation for change.

Spc. Patrick Nicholls from Eggawam, Mass., pointed out that many soldiers on the frontlines frequently think about their families back home.

This runs counter to what you see on many of these Conservative sites, where rusty old men and arm-chair patriots masturbate to thoughts of “The Long War” and pin-ups of our troops sent out to vanquish all of our Non-American “enemies” once and for all.

“Democrats and Liberals don’t support the troops,” they cry. “It is unpatriotic to ‘cut and run’ during a time of war,” they blather. Yet what do they say when the troops themselves feel that this is a lost cause and they want a different civilian leadership?

These troops will be the target of their wrath. They will be seen as cheating theseNeoCons out of their wargasms.