I’d Like To Say It Was Good While It Lasted…

…But I Can’t

It appears that the Capitulator-In-Chief and Milquetoast Harry are about ready to do what they do best — cave in to the Republicans again.

I find it amazing that a group of people who have the backing of a very large majority of people in virtually all of the polls, feel as though the only way to win is to lose.

I’ve had it.  I am through.  I could no more support the re-election of Barack Obama than I could support any of the other Republican candidates. Why?  Because I do not see an ounce of difference between any of them.

Wait.  Let me take some of that back.  There IS a difference between Barack Obama and the rest of the Republican candidates — the other candidates are telling you the truth when they say they will do something.  Obama will tell you exactly the opposite and then do exactly what the Republican candidates will do.  By my account, that is even worse.

In November 2008, things were starting to look up.  We were finally getting past the disastrous term of Republican failures and it looked as though the adults were coming back to Washington to put us back on track again.  Wars were going to end, the economy was going to be mended, the fraud perpetrated by Wall Street and the Banksters was going to be addressed and we would bring back regulation and control.  We could finally tackle the issue of a Single-Payer health care system.

Not exactly the rainbows and unicorns farting sparkles that the Republicans characterized it as, but certainly the hope and change that we were promised.

But then, Obama took office, the Democratic Party held a huge majority in both houses of Congress, and immediately out of the gate — fizzle, with a tiny *pop*!  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang would have been more spectacular.

Everything of consequence was “off the table”.  “Bipartisanship” was the order of the day, and anything that might anger or threaten that sense of “bipartisanship” was quickly and immediately dropped.  Never mind that the Republican definition of “bipartisanship” was substantially different than any other accepted definition of the word.  To a Republican, ”bipartisanship” meant having it their way or they wouldn’t participate — at all.

One of the major accomplishments President Obama wanted to pass right away was the Health Care Reform Bill.  A grand wish that had eluded presidents for generations.  After dangling the idea of a “Single-Payer” system in front of us during the election, the very first thing he did was take it “off the table” once the process started.  In its place, he dangled the “Public Option” to placate those of us who felt betrayed by starting the negotiation process by caving in.

By the end of the Health Care Reform debate, we had a terrible bill that did not contain one thing that could even come close to be considered “progressive” in nature.  What we ended up with was a terrible health care bill that was nothing more than a gift to the private health care insurance companies who had been raping us silly for years.  And through a government-mandated provision they will get an additional 30 million people to rape and pillage.

Obama claims this as a “victory”.

If only we had known then, what we know now — caving in is the normal pattern for this man, and the Republicans are fast studies. He will start his negotiation style from the weak position, even if he has the strong position.  It’s like surrounding a bank being robbed and then clearing the back door and placing a running car there, THEN asking what the robbers want to end this.

This is Obama’s “negotiating” style.  Instead of saying, “Okay, I am the man in charge here, and THIS is how it is going to be done,”  Obama is trying to empower the person with the weakest position by allowing them to demand.  All for the sake of being able to say that he can “work” with the Republicans.

Earth to Mr Obama:  Caving in is NOT “working with” the Republicans.  They’ve learned that all they have to do is just wait you out.  You can puff your chest and draw lines in the sand and threaten vetos all you want, but they know that all they have to do is hold their ground and YOU will blink.  Why?  Because

A.  They don’t care if they tear things down — that is their goal to begin with;

B.  They also know that you will cave in the end because you DO care.

These “Republicans” are not your friends.  They are thugs who have brainwashed a group of scared old white people into thinking that you are a black Muslim who is going to create a “Socialist” “Marxist” “Muslim” “Sharia” society that will kill all of those old white folks.  They have convinced these people that the only way to beat you is to tear it all down — and blame you for it.  Then, once Obama is vanquished, the old white folks can rise up again on Christian doves and drive all of the “mooselimb” Socialist trash out.  And the sound of hymns will be heard in the heavens.

Or something to that effect.

There has been a lot of talk about “primary-ing”  the president.  I got to thinking about this as I wrote the first sentence here — Obama is already being “primaried”.  By the other Republicans in the race!  There just isn’t a Democratic Party candidate running right now.

What would be nice is if some actual Democrats went to Obama right now and told him to pull an LBJ and announce that he will not seek the nomination for president.  I would like to see Bernie Saunders step up to the plate and run.  It will never happen, I know, but I would like to see it.

The thing is, Obama is toast.  I know it, and I think he knows it also.  He wasn’t the strong guy we needed in that position.  He probably would have been alright during the Clinton years, but we need an LBJ right now.  Someone who is going to put out his agenda and not budge an inch.

So get ready for President Rick Perry and his VP, Michelle Bachmann.