More McCain-Palin Supporters

The following video was highlighted on Ed Schultz this afternoon. The event was a Palin rally in Johnstown, PA, and it is becoming typical of the type of people that are attracted to the brand of campaigning that Sarah Palin and John McCain have been doing all last week. The level-headed people who might have supported a John McCain ticket before Sarah Palin, are quietly staying away. Either they won’t vote at all, or they will sneak a vote for Obama.

But look at this guy. He thinks he is being cute with his Curious George and the Obama sticker.

The people demonstrating across the street are a local union who came to show force and get a message across to Palin. When they see this idiot and his Obama Monkey doll, they start shouting “Racist! Racist! Racist!”

Inside the rally, we catch him again, this time he realizes that someone has a CBS network camera on him and suddenly he doesn’t want to be identified as a racist asswipe by friends and family. He quickly loses the Obama sticker, keeps the stuffed animal low and decides that he needs to actually get rid of it before it becomes too embarrassing.

So what does he do?

He hands it off to a little child below him, like some Uncle Pervey.

Damn, there ain’t no shame in these bags of ass, is there?