AAR Shoots Self in Ass and Hits Brain Matter

After a week of speculation and wonder, the whole Randi Rhodes story emerges — and it is pretty damn sinister.

We find out today that Randi Rhodes has terminated her contract with Air America and why.

Remember, the “official Air America story” was that Randi was suspended for calling Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro “Fucking Whores” during a comedy monologue at a private fund-raising event for San Fransisco’s “Green 960” (960 AM)

Well, today we find out that the suspension was a ruse put on by Air America to force Randi into signing a new contract that changed a crucial clause that would allow Air America to fire her for cause if they felt the need. They literally held her microphone hostage contingent on forcing her to sign a new contract because the new owners didn’t like the contract that they had bought into when they purchased Air America. She referred to it as “buyer’s remorse”.

Under the terms of the contract, Air America knew that they couldn’t fire her, and by keeping her on suspension she felt that the contract was thereby breeched and so SHE terminated it by quitting, and was immediately picked up by the Nova M Radio Network.

The following is an interview she did this evening with Marc Maron, who is subbing this week for the vacationing Mike Malloy, who like Marc were early departures from the Air America network

So it looks like Air America is starting to eat itself. Randi was one of the two most valuable properties on the Air America lineup and they drove her away by trying to make her sign an unfair contract amendment because the new owners didn’t like the original terms. They couldn’t wait one more year when her current contract expired to renegotiate the terms, they thought that they could bully her into signing something that she had already spent months negotiating in the first place.

The question is, does this signal the start of a serious brain-drain from Air America to other networks? Air America was originally set up as a platform to get progressive voices on the air in a Conservative-dominated business — and they have. But have they outlived their usefulness? Progressive talkers have proven a viable listener base. Other Networks have taken notice and newer ones like Nova M have been formed. Older, more conventional networks have begun putting their own progressive voices on the air.

Randi didn’t lose a damn thing. She is back on each and every station and time slot that she was when she was at AAR. Air America lost their number on talent, thereby ripping a whole lotta value out of their company.